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> [Deck] Esper Midrange
rašyti 2017-07-26 14:57
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The Banbringer

Grupė: Moderatoriai
Iš kur: Vilnius

Victor Roa, Esper Control Mentor
PPTQ 2017-07-22, 6 vieta

1x Collective Brutality€$
3x Concealed Courtyard€$
3x Fatal Push€$
4x Flooded Strand€$
1x Ghost Quarter€$
2x Gideon, Ally of Zendikar€$
1x Godless Shrine€$
1x Hallowed Fountain€$
2x Inquisition of Kozilek€$
1x Island€$
4x Jace, Vryn's Prodigy€$
4x Lingering Souls€$
4x Monastery Mentor€$
1x Murderous Cut€$
4x Path to Exile€$
2x Plains€$
4x Polluted Delta€$
1x Prairie Stream€$
3x Smuggler's Copter€$
2x Sorin, Solemn Visitor€$
1x Swamp€$
2x Tasigur, the Golden Fang€$
4x Thought Scour€$
3x Thoughtseize€$
1x Vault of the Archangel€$
1x Watery Grave€$
1x Blessed Alliance€$
3x Ceremonious Rejection€$
2x Collective Brutality€$
2x Disdainful Stroke€$
2x Disenchant€$
1x Lost Legacy€$
1x Nihil Spellbomb€$
1x Relic of Progenitus€$
1x Rest in Peace€$
1x Supreme Verdict€$

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rašyti 2017-07-27 21:51
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a.k.a Shifteris

Grupė: Nariai
Iš kur: Ukmergė/Vilnius

Why did you choose to play this list instead of the one we've been testing?

Which one would you choose if the tournament was today? What changes would you make?

» Slapukas (spoiler) «

Šią žinutę keitė Wilioox, 2017-07-27 21:51

In the blink of an eye, she strode from deep snow to dusty waste. From the crease of light behind her, a voice rang hollow: "Saffi, wait for me . . . ."
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rašyti 2017-07-27 23:31
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Grupė: Nariai
Iš kur: Vilnius

QUOTE(Wilioox @ 2017-07-27 22:51) *

Why did you choose to play this list instead of the one we've been testing?

Which one would you choose if the tournament was today? What changes would you make?

» Slapukas (spoiler) «

Because, I saw this deck at the end of May (28th). Since then I've been testing it on Xmage purely. I liked a lot the idea of using a very proactive deck against decks that are quite cheap to cast, where control is not enough good doing so. It was great against the DTB Death Shadow -you will have most of the time blockers for days-, and enough good matchup against Abzan, Jund, Company Counters, and any other "fair" deck. It goes wide and has a really low curve. It's a mid range deck (there are no counters on the main - It plays a variety of counters on SB). Turn 2 you are push to play your Smuggler's Copter, get out your Jace, or try to kill a small creature and duress your opponent with Collective Brutality pitching Lingering Souls is a plus. Turn 3 or 4 play your Mentor. It was really good since he will attract the kill spell while you can cast something cheap and still crew the Copter for getting there. Mid game casting Gideon was ... -fill in here all what you can think of about Gideon-. I don't recall casting Sorin all Saturday nor this Tuesday but believe it is good. Cast some Spirits, play your Gideon, cast Sorin plus go to town. Tasigur was a good road block. Don't recall activating his ability often. The deck felt good that's why I went with it. Expecting to have more Death shadow's to face I only face one who throw me off rails. What I didn't expect was "trample damage". It was out of my radar. Look at the sideboard, no Stoney Silence. (a card that I carry every Tuesday in multiples with RIP too), it responds to have Smugglers Copter in your deck. A concession for a Vehicle that continues the filtering cards plan. No EE. you don't want to kill your own tokens nor your flipped Jace or Mentor. So that was my thought process. Go proactive. Go wide and try to overrun your OP and DTB Death Shadow. Also, Victor being Victor I drew like I stack my deck and had very good top decks, I mulligan relatively little during the swiss part of the tournament, and I had insanes two decisive games that turn around quite good. The third against Storm with the feeling that I cannot tapout on 4 mana and the third against Dredge where I felt that without any graveyard hate on the battlefield i'll die at any moment.

The Esper Control Glory-Initiate deck is a Control deck, and I thought that we would have an aggressive meta call in the tournament than on Tuesday by instance. That is why I leaned on the more proactive deck instead. But I could be totally wrong here. The Esper Control deck is a powerhouse drawing raw cards (Esper Charm, or Painful Truth) don't' get me wrong, but I guess it's a bit, tiny, tidy slow.

If Today would be the Tournament, I would play Esper Mentor. Not playing Snapcaster Mage it seems wrong, but then I don't want to be right smile.gif

Sideboard deck #1 A second blessed alliance instead of RIP.
Sideboard deck #2 I think that I would put Geist of Saint Traft instead of the 2 Vendilion Cliques and the Go for the Throat. The are matches where you want to close the game quickly.

TLDR: I prefered a card filtering/selection deck rather than raw power draw. I went for a proactive deck instead of a control. I want it to go wide and try to overrun my OP with tokes, thinking that the DTB was Death Shadow Grixis but not Temur. IMHO "Trample damage was key of success" this tournament and I was not prepared for.

PS: Sometimes going Rogue gets your there too. Someone saw the play, Polluted sac, fetch Watering Grave shock, Thoughtseize you on 15 life, and told me, -Victor, you chicki playing Death Shadow ah?- smile.gif How farfetch he was ....

Šią žinutę keitė SteadfastBro, 2017-07-28 10:07

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